Perl Modules for Raspberry Pi
Version 0.86 - released 30 October 2021

Upgrading from HiPi 0.51

If you have already installed version 0.51 or lower there are some changes you should be aware of first.

Many of the modules have been rewritten so that nothing in the base distribution requires root permissions or the use of sudo.

Some modules have been removed:

  • Module HiPi::BCM2835 is no longer needed for its main use cases and has been moved to its own distribution.
  • Module HiPi::Wiring has been moved to its own distibution and will no longer be updated. There are now better modules wrapping the wiringPi library available on CPAN
  • The HiPi GUI has been removed. It had no real practical use.
  • The HiPi::Interrupt modules have been removed as their use of the threads module is now deprecated.

If you used the hipi-installer script to automatically install HiPi and its dependencies it is recommended that you remove the installed modules first.

Use the following commands to remove the custom installation.

sudo perl -MPAR::Dist -e 'uninstall_par HiPi'
sudo perl -MPAR::Dist -e 'uninstall_par Wx'
sudo perl -MPAR::Dist -e 'uninstall_par Wx::PdfDocument'
sudo perl -MPAR::Dist -e 'uninstall_par Wx::GLCanvas'
sudo perl -MPAR::Dist -e 'uninstall_par Wx::Demo'
sudo perl -MPAR::Dist -e 'uninstall_par Wx::GLCanvas'
sudo perl -MPAR::Dist -e 'uninstall_par Alien::wxWidgets'

If you required Wx for something else install using apt-get from the Raspbian repositories.