Perl Modules for Raspberry Pi
Version 0.77 - released 02 May 2019

HiPi Perl Modules

The HiPi Modules provide access to the Raspberry Pi for your Perl scripts.

The distribution contains modules that allow you to access the Raspberry Pi GPIO pins directly and modules that wrap access to the kernel device drivers for the GPIO, SPI, I2C and 1 Wire devices.

The distribution also provides high level wrappers for some common ICs and peripherals:

  • MCP3nnn SPI analogue to digital converter series
  • MCP4nnn SPI digital to analogue converter series
  • MCP23017 I2C and MCP23S17 SPI GPIO extenders
  • PCF8574 I2C 8 bit GPIO extender
  • Maxim 18S20 and 18B20 1 Wire temperature sensors
  • Freescale MPL3115A2 pressure and temperature sensor
  • Commands to control Energenie switches and adaptors
  • PCA9685 I2C 16-channel PWM / Servo Controller
  • PCA9544A I2C Multiplexer
  • SSD1306 and SH1106 based OLED displays
  • MS5611 pressure and temperature sensor
  • TMP102 temperature sensor
  • H44780 based LCD backpacks from HobbyTronics (I2C/Serial), SparkFun (Serial) and generic I2C boards based on the PCF8574.
  • Several E-Paper or E-Ink displays.

The modules are designed for and tested on the standard distribution of Raspbian Stretch but should also compile and work with recent releases of Rasbian Jessie.

The code is tested on a Pi 3 Model B and is used on the following models :

  • Pi 3 Model B+
  • Pi 3 Model B
  • Pi 3 Model A+
  • Pi 2 Model B ( revisions 1.1 and 1.2 )
  • Pi Zero W
  • Pi Zero
  • Pi Model B+
  • Pi Model A+
  • Pi Model B
  • Pi Model A